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Taktron Energy Systems welcomes the opportunity to assist you in creating your renewable energy system. Please call for a quote
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Welcome to your source for renewable energy products and information!

High electric bills bugging you? Do you want to save money on your electric bill? You have come the right place!

A 1kW system on your roof will deliver about 2Megawatt hours per year!

In most of California where you are connected to the main power grid, you qualify for a rebate equal to almost half the price of the system! This allows a full return on your investment in 7-10 years or better than 10% return tax free (you don't pay tax when you save money!)

Not only do you save money, you help prevent rolling blackouts at the same time!

For product information and pricing, please click on a link above or just give us a call!

We take our job seriously:

#1 Assist our customers in developing renewable energy resources and systems!

With this in mind, please don't hesitate to ask questions! We stand ready to help wherever we can, whether it is with products, system engineering, or even references to other vendors if necessary.

Take control and lower your utility bills!

Why is this important?

It allows you to get the energy systems and information you need to reduce electric bills, minimize power outages, and help build a stronger, cleaner energy world. We would like to help you become part of the solution. Do your part for a better future- give Taktron a call to find out how we can help!

Consider this please: The world resources are not getting larger, yet the world population and demand for those resources is growing at an increasing rate (est. ~1.5-2% / year). Simple logic says this cannot go on forever. For a current view of this, you are invited to evaluate the data at

So what can you do about it?

How much can we use?

See our FAQ page for answers to questions you may have about your own solar energy system, state and federal tax credits, etc.

Our research department stands ready to help, so please call (650) 814-5177

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