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Q1) What tax credits are available?

A1)There are a number of state and federal tax credits available. Some examples are shown below:

Disclaimer:The following tax information is accurate to the best of our knowlege. Please contact your own tax adviser for information specific to your situation.

Federal - all states - links provided for convenience.

Corporate/commercial - 10% Federal Tax Credit for Solar Energy Property - US properties only- ref Tax Credit for Businesses, EPA act 1992 - see irs forms or irs-pdf/f3468.pdf or the asociated publication irs-pdf/i3468 .pdf. Qualifying systems: Photovoltaics, Solar Hot Water, and Energy Storage equipment


California (limited time while rebate pool lasts)

$2.80 /watt rebate (this typically covers about a third the cost of the system components for grid intertied systems, not including batteries)

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