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LEDs - Reds, Greens, Yellows, Oranges, Blues, Whites

OK, so why are these little 'jellybean' wonders part of a renewable energy system? LEDs are one of the most efficient forms of lighting. In short, more bang for the buck!. With renewable energy as a focus, the more efficient you can operate, the easier it is to be sustainable and cost effective.

White LEDS - $2.50 ea. - lower qty pricing available!


LED Flashlights from NightStar® - Never needs batteries or bulbs-not ever!

Just give it a 30 second shake and it provides more than 20 minutes of light. With an LED as the bulb, you never need a new bulb either! Highly reliable when you need it most.

Water resistant to 500+ feet - perfect for boating, camping, emergencies

Ideal for the glove box in your car - it wil be ready when you need it most, unlike batteries that degrade over time.

Full 5 year warranty!

$43.95 - call for orders


Coming soon!



From our friends across the Atlantic comes an outstanding collection of new and unique LED lighting options. See them at Solar GB LTD.

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