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Alternative Energy Exploration


Just for Fun


Teaching packages used to supplement courses on alternative or renewable energy, power, and ecology.

Each package is targeted for a 1 or 2 day session,
and contains the following:


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•What are Fuel Cells?
•Where did they come from?
•Why are they important? •Vocabulary
•How It Works
•Types and operation of Fuel Cells •Chemical reaction process •Application of a Fuel Cell
•Inside a Fuel Cell
•Sustainable and Renewable Energy
•Where to Get More Information...
Fuel Cells - An Introduction To Fuel Cell Technology
Renewable Energy - Introduction to Renewable and alternative energy


  • What is Renewable Energy?
  • Why is it important?
  • Where does California get it's energy?
  • Types of Renewable energy
  • What we can do for the future


Introduction teaching packages $85 - call for shipping and delivery schedule

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